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Analyse: Der Koalitionsvertrag zwischen SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, und der FDP

Am 24. November 2021 veröffentlichten die prospektiven Koalitionspartner SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen und die FDP ihren "Ampel"-Koalitionsvertrag für die kommende Legislaturperiode. Vor allem die FDP schien viel Erfolg in den Koalitionsverhandlungen zu haben. In diesem Artikel überprüfe ich diese Hypothese.

Why You Shouldn't Use SQLite

While SQLite databases are very convenient for storing application data, you should not store any significant amount of research data in them. In this article, I explain why.

Do Colorless Green Ideas Really Sleep Furiously?

Do language models have a real understanding of language? No. But are they subsequently useless? Also no. In this article, I shed light onto a decades-old linguistic debate and what the state of the art of language models looks like. Brace yourself for a fierce discussion between Claude Shannon, John Firth, Noam Chomsky, and Ludwig Wittgenstein!

Back to Sweden

After almost a year of Corona-induced remote work, it's time to return to Sweden.

OCR Error Correction, Take 2

Last week I wrote about OCR error correction and the three general approaches to it. Over the week, I got practical and fixed OCR errors in my dataset. However, I used a fourth approach, which is much more efficient and fixed about 80% of all OCR errors. Read more on my progress!

On the State of OCR Correction

If you have ever worked with text, you will know the huge pain that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) errors can pose. OCR has one job: Detect all the letters and numbers on an image and spit out a text file that contains the text that has been recognized. However, OCR errors still occur frequently. Here I outline what I've learned so far in this regard.

Afghanistan has fallen

Every generation has their own catastrophic crisis to bear. Be it the French revolution, the two World Wars, Vietnam, the collapse of the Soviet Union or the 2008 financial crisis. For me and my generation, it was Afghanistan. And now, after twenty years – my whole adult life –, all of this is over. Afghanistan is lost, and with it all hope that, after more than fourty years, Afghanistan may return to its pre-war peace.

UX Design is not for Creative People

One of the biggest concerns I had over the past four years of developing Zettlr was that I'm not a designer by trade and apart from some obvious rules I know nothing about cool design stuff. In fact, all my furniture is from Ikea and the only art I have in my flat are some mass-produced band posters. That's how non-designery I am. But recently, I have come to the conclusion that this might not be as detrimental for Zettlr as I always thought.

The Quiet Error that almost cost me my Sanity

I'm attending a summer school right now, so I don't have that much time to write up something awesome. But yesterday I finally resolved a very quiet error that had almost cost me my sanity. It occurred almost a year ago, and I wasn't able to fix it until yesterday. So, come and read a short story about what can go wrong if you forget what an INI-file is supposed to look like.

Telemetry, Data Privacy, and Zettlr

A few days ago, a scandal erupted in the Open Source Community: After being acquired by the Muse group, the free audio editor Audacity was supposed to receive an update that would include telemetry in the app. And users didn't like that. So today I want to talk about telemetry, what it is, and how the Audacity debacle prompted me to finally purge any form of data transmission from Zettlr myself.

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