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I am Hendrik and currently a PhD-student at the Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden. Welcome to my personal website, where I keep you updated on all matters personal and occupational.

A sociologist and historian by training, I also know my ways around political theory and political economy. I work a lot with Machine Learning-based analysis and I am an experienced Open Source software developer. I like to bridge the gap between social scientific research and modern computer science. If you would like to connect, the best places are Twitter and Mastodon!

Most Recent Article

I get your excitement about ChatGPT, but … (December 7th, 2022)

… it's time for some realistic reflection (again). ChatGPT is neither a breakthrough, nor anything extraordinary. It is but a mere highly capable machine with which you can chat — for the lulz, not for real. So don't fall into OpenAI's trap and give them free advertisement. ChatGPT has the same problems as all other AI systems before, and here I list them adapted to the situation around ChatGPT.