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I am Hendrik and currently a PhD-student at the Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden. Welcome to my personal website, where I keep you updated on all matters personal and occupational.

A sociologist and historian by training, I also know my ways around political theory and political economy. I work a lot with Machine Learning-based analysis and I am an experienced Open Source software developer. I like to bridge the gap between social scientific research and modern computer science. If you would like to connect, the best places are Twitter and Mastodon!

Most Recent Article

Swedish Researchers Rise Up Against Current Ethical Review Practices (May 12th, 2023)

Every country has its own approach to ethical vetting of research. While many countries have no real prescriptions on that, Sweden decided to do it proper and wrote ethical vetting requirements into its legal code. This has a set of drawbacks, however, and right now, Swedish researchers are rising up against the sometimes detrimental effects that the law can have.